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DIVISION NATUR, S.L., was founded in 1993.
Its initial activity was based on the development and installation of custom leather upholstery for retail distribution in the Spanish market between dealers, importers and particulars.
In 1998, the business started manufacturing components for the industry, specialising in the production of shifters, hand brakes and leather interior fittings. Nowadays, as the main activity it assembles parts for cars from brands such as SEAT, VW, Renault , Citroen, Ford, Opel/Vauxhall, etc., as tier 2, with a delivery volume of one and a half million pieces approximately.
Since 2004, special series upholstered leather are being done for importers or brands preparers, with a volume range between 25 and 1000 units per series.
From 2006 División Natur splits in new company EPP NATUR working for after market and first equipment respectively.
The company has currently over 200 employees among the production sites of Madrid, and Tanger (Morocco)

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